Royal Dutch Shell Group .com EMAIL RECEIVED FROM MEMBER OF ROSSPORT FIVE CAMPAIGN: Posted Monday 28 November 2005 ( has agreed not to disclose the name of this well known Irish national)




Dear John,


My name is……., friend and supporter of the Rossport 5.


Please accept sincere thanks for all that you and your father have done to highlight Shell Hell in Mayo. Thanks are also due to you for making life difficult for Shell in general - the enemy of mine enemy and all that!


The report referred to over the past few days may be accessed at  - it makes very interesting reading and illustrates just how rotten the supposed regulatory regime is in a supposed developed world 'democracy'. Shell must have felt they had hit paydirt - until they sent five good, decent men to prison.


For your own information, at this stage in the whole fiasco Shell could recite Ulysseus backwards, followed by the Odyssey, Aenead etc. etc. and we will tell them to go to Hell; they are not nice corporate people and, ironically, their arrogance will hopefully bring about their demise in Nth. Mayo.


It remains to be seen how long it will take them to accept the reality that they will never be accepted by us (will be interesting to see if Shell will try to pursue their Nigerian strategies in a country which has abolished hanging and whose citizens take grave exception to jack-boot tactics).


Thanks again to you both.  

Best wishes




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*ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Alfred Donovan has had business dealings with Shell stretching back almost 50 years. In the 1980’s & 90’s the sales promotion company he founded with his son, John (Don Marketing) created and supplied multimillion dollar national promotions for Shell on an international basis. He and his son probably hold the world record for suing Shell, having subsequently brought a series of court actions: five for breach of confidence or breach of contract, and two for libel. They have never lost a case against Shell. Details about the litigation are published on, the unique website owned by the Donovan’s. It contains the world’s largest collection of articles, news and reports focused on Royal Dutch Shell and its activities – astonishingly, over 6,000 web pages. Mr Donovan own and uses the registration to the dotcom domain name for Shell’s unified $200 billion (USD) company: Royal Dutch Shell Plc ( Shell made an unsuccessful attempt to seize it by instituting proceedings via the World Intellectual Property Organisation in May 2005. A WIPO panel gave a unanimous verdict in favour of Mr Donovan in August.

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