BBC NEWS: Two leaks on North Sea platform: 12 June 2006


Brent Bravo
The Brent Bravo oil platform, where the leaks have occurred
An oil platform where two men died in a gas escape has been the scene of two further leaks, BBC Scotland can reveal.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is investigating the gas and oil escapes on Shell's Brent Bravo installation within the past fortnight.

An escape of gas on Brent Bravo killed Sean McCue, 22, from Fife, and Keith Moncrieff, 45, from Dundee in September 2003.

Shell said the two new incidents had been safely dealt with.

One was an escape of gas on 1 June, triggering a low level alarm, which Shell said was corrected immediately.

The other was on 5 June when a door seal failed on a surface module. In this incident, up to 60 litres of oil was released into the sea.

Improvement order

Shell said the platform was shut down while the module was safely isolated.

Brent Bravo, which lies 116 miles north-east of Shetland, has a core crew of 54 and this can rise to up to 188 during the day when there is upgrading work.

The HSE had already recently ordered Shell to make safety improvements following earlier incidents.

Shell was fined 900,000 after the two deaths, and the result of a fatal accident inquiry is due to be published soon.

Damages action

Mr McCue, from Kennoway, and Mr Moncrieff, from Invergowrie, were inspecting a pipe on Brent Bravo when they died.

The men had gone to inspect a leaky patch in the platform's utility leg.

Failure to carry out a risk assessment on the North Sea platform was the crucial issue, the inquiry at Aberdeen Sheriff Court heard.

Mr Moncrieff's partner Jacqueline Ogilvie has now launched an action seeking 800,000 in damages from both Shell and also Wood Group, which employed him.

Mrs Ogilvie, 49, from Dundee, had alleged "negligent actings" in her action at the Court of Session in Edinburgh.

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